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The official poker school of the WSOP

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The official poker school of the WSOP


The WSOP Academy is the only official poker training offered under the name of the most recognized and prestigious name in poker- The World Series of Poker.

Our name reflects our commitment to excellence in poker. We offer you the rare opportunity to learn form the best professionals that make their living at the poker table, by winning big tournaments and dragging huge cash pots.home-img-2

If you want to learn more about the game of poker- we’re here to teach you and we can do it better than anyone else.

With the most bracelet-winning pros , the biggest prize pools, the lowest student-to-instructor ratio and the highest student success rate, no other live poker instruction can compare.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, or poker beginner, after you attend one of our classes, you’ll walk away with a broader understanding of the game; greater appreciation of the skill that it takes to win; and a road map to advance your game as far as you want.

Welcome to the WSOP Academy, come learn with us, and we will teach you to win like us.

Our Instructors

"The most bracelet-winning pros and the highest student success rate, no other live poker training can compare” Our Professional Instructors make their living playing poker and their passion for the game is why they teach.

Greg Raymer
2005 WSOP Main Event Champion
Kenna James
The “Cowboy of Poker” with over $3,500,000 in wins
Tom McEvoy
1983 WSOP Main Event Champion
David Redlin
Vanessa Rousso
The "Lady Maverick" of Poker with over $4,000,000 in wins


Have we helped improve your game? Our alumni achieve the highest success rate. Share your story and send us a picture, and so we can share it with everyone else.

2011 WSOP Ladies Event Bracelet Winner

“The WSOP ACADEMY laid the foundation I needed to excel and become a The Ladies 2011 champion!”

-Marsha Wolak

2011 WSOP Seniors Event Bracelet Winner

“The Academy brings the professional perspective of the game right to you.  Their training is all part of the learning process.  Greg Raymer was an incredible instructor and very easy to understand with a great down to earth personality.  He...(more)

-Jim Hess